Heirloom Food Truck Offerings

  • Fried Chicken "McMuffin"
  • Grilled Cheese Bacon & Egg "McMuffin"
  • Duck Confit Hash "Poutine"
  • Cinnamon Bun Pancakes "Hot Cakes"
  • Powerbowl
  • Corn Pop Cheesecake
Heirloom Food Truck at Brunch Fest 2017

About Heirloom Food Truck

Heirloom Food Truck follows one strict philosophy when it comes to food. We believe in taking care of the surrounding environment and focusing on the true aspect of where "our" food comes from. We strive to push the limit on what can be used from our own environment, while thinking about Carbon Footprints. Sustainable Driven Food is our purpose. Growing relationships with local farmers is what sets us apart from the regular.

Heirloom Food Truck Location

Toronto, Ontario

Heirloom Food Truck Socials

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